​The Ridgedale Rod & Gun Club’s Pistol section is putting on a Basic Skills Development Course for Pistol and Revolver Holster Qualification.

When?  Sept. 25 starting at 1030 hrs (10:30 a.m.) sharp

Where?  Ridgedale Rod & Gun Club’s club house and pistol range

Cost?  $43.00 per person. Cash or cheque only!

(Includes lunch made at the club house)

Sign‐up?  At the range on Monday Pistol nights only. 

Do not delay signing up!

What will you learn?

Through classroom and range instruction, you will learn:

* Basic holster skills, enabling you to use a holster on the pistol range in accordance with range

Safety regulations

* Equipment checklist and how it all works together

*How to continue training safely outside of the range to improve your holster & handgun skills

What do you need to participate?

* You must be a member in good standing

* Knowledge of basic firearm safety rules

* Possess a current Restricted PAL

* Your own handgun

* A safe side hip/belt holster that fits your gun

* Eye and ear protection

* 50 rounds of ammunition

If you have any questions, contact Pistol Chair via pistol@ridgedale.net