Off Road Vehicle Act Update

We are pleased to advise you that the Order-in-Council (OIC) have approved the November 1st mandatory registration and safety requirements under the ORV Act, along with some consequential amendments to other enactments; e.g., update to violation tickets.

Also note: the Motor Vehicle Act Regulation was also amended to allow the display of a registration plate or sticker issued under the ORV Act to be OK for incidental highway access. Please note that the word “plate” under the MVA includes “plastic stickers” for the purposes of the ORV Act stickers).

Off-road vehicle registration and safety provisions are mandatory on Crown land, effective November 1st, 2015. The new regulations will promote safe and responsible use of B.C.'s backcountry, and include provisions on number plate placement, rules for child operations and safety equipment requirements. Operating standards include:

  • Helmets: Helmets must be worn when operating an off-road vehicle (ORV). For standards of acceptable helmets see section 22 of the Off-Road Vehicle Regulation at (Off-Road Vehicle Act).
  • Seat belts: If a manufacturer has installed seat belts, then the seat belt must be worn during the operation of that vehicle.
  • Lights: ORVs must use lights during low visibility conditions when riding on Crown land 30 minutes after sunset or 30 minutes before sunrise. If lights are not installed by the manufacturer, temporary lights can be attached to the ORV. For details on light standards see section 24 of the Off-Road Vehicle Regulation.
  • Children: Children must be supervised when riding on Crown land and be riding an appropriate sized ORV as recommended by the manufacturer. For details, see sections 16-18 of the Off-Road Vehicle Regulation.

For more information, please visit the web sites listed below:

Updated October 15, 2015

News Release October 15, 2015 

Approved October 15, 2015

Updated October 15, 2015

Between November 17, 2014 and September 30, 2015, 35,505 ORVs have voluntarily registered under the ORV Act. 

ICBC has also confirmed the following participation rates by class of ORV:

  • 78% (27,550) all-terrain vehicles;
  • 12% (4, 357) snowmobiles;
  • 7% (2,392) off-road motorcycles; and
  • 3% (1,206) side-by-sides.

David Oliver, BCWF Access Chair