The 2017 Fall LEH Draw is now complete.

Sign in to your Fish and Wildlife (FWID) profile at to view your results. In your Fish and Wildlife profile, under LEH Options, click on View LEH History. If the status of your application indicates Successful, click on the link under Application Type to confirm for which Hunt Code you have been authorized.

If you were successful you can view and print your LEH authorization from your profile under the LEH Authorizations link or at any Service BC or FrontCounter BC location.

Notice: LEH authorizations are no longer mailed to successful applicants. Hunters do not need to carry their authorization while hunting. If a hunter has won a shared moose or bison hunt authorization, they are required to carry the harvest report section of the LEH authorization while hunting.

If you were successful in the 2017 fall draw, you will receive a letter in the mail in the next few weeks, providing you with special instructions about your hunt.

Starting in 2018, successful applicants will be required to go online or visit a Service BC or FrontCounter BC office to view both their authorizations and the special instructions related to those authorizations.

For general information about Limited Entry Hunting in B.C., please refer to the 2017/2018 LEH Synopsis.