Why is Ottawa keeping silent on guns?

Our friends over at Justice for Gun Owners have shared the following.

Goodale's Firearms Advisory Committee is curiously silent while they are dreaming up ways to win UN acceptance by cracking down on civilians who own firearms. Some of Goodale's anti-gun gaggle are even afraid to learn more about firearms! 

Hints from the CFAC's minutes are scary! Trudeau's Liberals do not appreciate hunters or sport shooters. The Trudeau Liberals lust after a temporary seat on the UN's Security Council. To please the UN, they will have no qualms about selling out Canadian firearms owners as well as our best ally in the Middle East, Israel.If you're not happy with this, there is still time to protest. 

If we don't stand up for ourselves, who will?

Don't be fooled. "Safe storage" laws are not about safety but about confiscating guns.

A Special Request to Stats Can reveals that thousands of peaceable gun owners have been charged with violations of "safe storage" -- just to keep the bureaucracy happy -- these owners did not give any hint of being violent. Anyone charged must spend thousands of dollars in legal fees to fight unfair charges. Many former firearms owners just give up and let the police take their guns.  

The Liberals are planning on bringing in still more restrictions on law-abiding hunters and sport shooters. Not thugs. Gun control is a failure. But the Liberals don't care. It's you who will pay the price for Trudeau to sit temporarily on the United Nations' Security Council.  

As Lorne Gunter says in his recent Toronto Sun article, "...[G]oing after thugs, gang members and smugglers with street guns is very dangerous and expensive. So Liberals often choose the easy way out and burden legitimate owners, instead, just so they can give the appearance of taking action."All Canadians pay for this misdirected effort. While the RCMP focuses on lapsed PAL holders, violent gang crime increases. 

If we don't stand up for ourselves, who will?

Thanks for your support! 

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