​Osprey Nest Relocation Project

An initiative of the Ridgedale Rod & Gun Club and the BCWF Region 2 - Lower Mainland

For those who believe that our members are interested in fishing, hunting and shooting only, think again!

A pair of ospreys had built their nest on top of a power pole at Mainland Sand & Gravel’s wash plant. Below the nest were three electrical transformers, and each year the ospreys would add wood branches to the nest. Most years, the ospreys would end up dropping a branch onto the power lines, knocking out the power to the whole operation. The Ridgedale Rod & Gun Club (RRGC) and the Lower Mainland Region BCWF (Region 2) approached Mainland Sand & Gravel to see if they would allow RRGC and Region 2 to put up another pole with a platform to relocate the osprey nest, to which the company said, "Yes!" The project was realized thanks to:

  • Valley Power Line Contracting Ltd.
  • MJ Concrete Pumping Ltd.
  • Magnum Concrete Inc.
  • Ridgedale Rod & Gun Club
  • B.C. Wildlife Federation
  • Lower Mainland Region BCWF
  • Hancock Wildlife Foundation
  • Mainland Sand & Gravel ULC

Click here for the January 28, 2015 issue of The Abbotsford News, and turn to page 5, "Osprey's nest moved away from power pole."

Click here for the BCWF News Letter, and go to page 5, "Osprey Nest Relocation Project: Ridgedale Rod and Gun Club and BCWF Region 2 - Lower Mainland."

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