F​or Immediate Release on“ May 8, 2016

Nelson, B.C. Five of the province's leading conservation organizations have signed a historic Memorandum of Understanding in support of growing wildlife populations in British Columbia. The BC Wildlife Federation, Guide Outfitters Association of British Columbia, Wild Sheep Society of British Columbia, Wildlife Stewardship Council and the B.C. Trappers Association came together to announce the MOU at the BCWF's Annual General Meeting in Nelson on Saturday.

L-R Jim Glaicar, President, BC Wildlife Federation, Harvey Andrusak, Vice President, BC Wildlife Federation, John Henderson, President, Wildlife Stewardship Council, Chris Barker, Director, Wild Sheep Society of BC, Carl Gitscheff, Director, BC Trappers Association, Michael Schneider, President, Guide Outfitters Association of British Columbia.

Concern about the on-going decline of wildlife including, moose, mule deer, elk, wild sheep and caribou brought the conservation organizations together for the sake of building and maintaining healthy wildlife populations for First Nations, B.C. residents, guide outfitters, trappers and the non-hunting public. The MOU follows the provincial government's recent announcement that all hunting licence revenues will be re-invested to enhance wildlife management activities. This MOU is another mechanism to ensure the province invests in our wildlife, said John Henderson, President of the Wildlife Stewardship

Council.Jim Glaicar, President of the 50,000 member BC Wildlife Federation said, "The collaborative efforts of our five organizations will help to ensure the province follows through on its commitment to enhance wildlife management." Michael Schneider, President of the Guide Outfitters Association of British Columbia said, " This is a great opportunity for our organizations to work together for the betterment of wildlife in the province."

B.C.'s wild sheep populations have been declining for years" , said Rodney Zeman, President of the Wild Sheep Society of BC. "This MOU will help to ensure we put and keep wild sheep on the mountain."B.C. Trappers Association, President Brian Dack said, We look forward to working with our conservation partners in support of growing more wildlife."

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