A brief update Canadian gun control from Gary Mauser


First things first:

Thanks to Ridgedale’s support, BCWF Political Action Alliance was able to run advertising during the 2019 election criticizing the Liberals for their attacks on responsible gun owners. Elections make important decisions. If we don’t stand up for ourselves, who will?

PAA stands up for gun owners in federal elections. As we have since 1998.Elections Canada finally posted PAA’s financial report. Spending more than $10,000, we were the biggest pro-gun advertisers reporting during the 2019 federal election.


Here’s a brief update on five separate Liberal attacks on gun owners that are on-going:

1.  Bill C-71

2. The May Gun grab by OIC – the so-called Buy Back

3. The RCMP’s secret re-classification of firearms

4. A New “Red Flag” law

5. The promise to let municipalities ban handguns

First, Bill C-71. Minister Blair’s office thinks that it won’t be until 2022 that new PAL rules or expanded background checks are brought online.

Second, The gun grab by OIC last May – the so-called “buy back.” 

When the “buy back” was imposed in May 2019, Trudeau and Blair falsely claimed they were banning  1,500 military style assault rifles. It was a lie.

As Lorne GUNTER points out, over 9,500 models or variants, 400,000 individual guns will be prohibited under the May 1 list of newly banned guns. Not 1,500 as both Trudeau and Blair claimed.

The Buy-back program is out for tender [again].

Last May’s OIC court challenged is heating up: almost $400 000 has been donated to CCFR for the court battle. Much more may be needed. The government plans to cross examine me at some point on my affidavit. They cancelled the first appointment they’d made last month with me. I heard they were spooked.

Since Ottawa has much deeper pockets than any or all of the organizations fighting this unjust Order-in-Council, the suspicion is growing that the government is dragging it out to bankrupt us. This battle is draining the pro-gun organizations.

Third, more firearms will be outlawed by an “evergreen process.” Constantly, quietly, without any public discussion.

Public Safety Minister Blair confirmed this when he appeared before a virtual meeting of the House of Commons Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security recently.

According to Blair the Liberals will use an “evergreen process” to pull off this underhanded backroom reclassification scheme. An “evergreen process” means the Canadian Firearms Program will continue to evaluate weapons that represent a risk and continually re-classify firearms to prohibited status. 

The newly secretly prohibited firearms will be posted on the FRT. But we won’t know when our guns will be prohibited because the FRT is not available to most people.

As Gunter says, As soon as the RCMP or a gaggle of Justice department bureaucrats decide to add an additional model or models to the banned list, it will be done with no more effort (or democratic legitimacy) than pressing the “Enter” button on a computer.


Fourth, Blair and Trudeau plan on expanding “Red Flag” laws.

A “red-flag” law enables health professionals to break patient-confidentiality rules to report a gun owner with mental health issues who is a threat to themselves or others. Then his guns are confiscated by force. No one wants an individual who is seriously disturbed to commit suicide or to kill or injure anyone else. 

Red-flag laws can be – and sometimes are – well-intentioned. But declaring someone incompetent [and confiscating their firearms] is a serious step. 

The Trudeau Liberals are misleading Canadians. Since 1995 Canadian law already has a provision authorizing family or professionals to report gun owners suspected of being public-safety threats. Whenever anyone calls the national firearms centre (toll-free), one of the options is to “report a spousal or public safety concern.” This works. There is no need for a “red flag” law; we already have one. 

Unfortunately, this snitch line is frequently used by a divorcing spouse to cause his or her gun-owning spouse legal grief. See Lorne Gunter’s recent column for greater detail.


Fifth, the proposed municipal handgun ban

The Liberals continually repeat their support for allowing municipalities to ban handguns, but have yet to take any steps to start this process.

In the October Throne Speech, Trudeau recently repeated his threat to allow municipalities to ban handgunsMinister Blair said he supports the municipal handgun ban when he was before the House committee Friday 6 November, BC Premier, John Horgan also supports a municipal handgun ban.

Firearms act already gives municipalities powers over shooting. But for the handgun ban to happen, Ottawa must pass new legislation, then BC Premier Horgan needs to support it, and each municipality that wants it, needs to impose it.

It may yet happen, but civilian firearms owners have more immediate problems. At his appearance at the committee, Blair also said he’s bringing in new border controls on firearms but he gave no details. For the most up to date information on what the Liberals are doing on guns, be sure to check thegunblog.ca

Respectfully submitted,

Gary A Mauser, PhD

Professor emeritus, Simon Fraser University

Chair, BCWF Firearms Committee

President, BCWF Political Action Alliance

Blogger – justiceforgunowners.ca


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