Renewing Your Membership

Membership runs from January 1 to December 31.

On December 5, 2016, we mailed you a message with the subject line 'Welcome to our new Members Only Portal." In it  you were given your username and password to login to "Member365." Logging in gives you secure access to update your personal information, renew your membership, view invoices and receipts, register for events, and much more.

To simplify things and ensure your information is current, you now must renew online

Be aware that unless we have received your membership renewal and payment by December 31 you are not covered under the Excess Third Party Liability Insurance policy and ATV coverage, and your gate access may be deactivated.

In other words, after January 1 you will not be able to legally hunt or shoot in North America, nor use the range, until we have received and processed your renewal and payment (including the $20 Capital Projects Fee*). After January 31, late renewals may be subject to a $20 Late Fee!

For details of the insurance coverage visit the BCWF site.

*At the 2016 Annual General Meeting, a motion was passed to: 

"Replace $25.00 Donation in lieu of one day’s volunteer work, with a $20.00 Capital Projects Fee (CPF) each membership category, other than Juniors must pay. Members putting in one day of volunteer work will receive, once a year, a $20 credit towards their membership dues for the following year."

Longtime Members

With all renovations the Club has carried out over the last four years, many things have changed. So if you feel like many safety-conscious members that you would benefit from a 'refresher', simply email your name, membership number and that you'd would like to attend an orientation to our Chief Range Officer at The CRO will then will send you the dates for orientation, and send you some information.

For more information about the club, membership, and orientation please email Membership Director at or Office Administrator at